This is me. Originally from Munich, Germany, I lived in Chicago for 13 years. Tired of midwestern winters, I'm now sittin' on the dock of the Bay. (but not wastin' any time). 

My name is pronounced Yoolia Teal.

(Did you know that teal is not only a color but also a small duck found in Europe and America? I'm kind of a migratory bird, too. Hence the geese)

In Germany, I worked mainly in book advertising, in Chicago mainly in pharma/healthcare.

I won a few awards in both industries.

But as you can see from my portfolio, I refuse to specialize. I like to challenge my brain to solve any creative riddle. I run my own design shop (Yoolia Design), and I freelance for ad agencies. I dabble in fabric design and photography, I write, I draw, I sew, I cook, I sing Bluegrass with heart, though slightly off key.

I am always looking for freelance opportunities. Local or remote. 

In exchange for an interesting assignment, I offer relentless enthusiasm, good humor, unwavering dedication through a project's end, and maybe... just maybe...homemade banana bread.

My resume is here (packed with links that may only work after you download the PDF).

Email me: yooliadesign@gmail.com


PS: I also possess mad shuffleboard skills. Consider yourself warned.