This is me. Originally from Munich, Germany, I've been living in Chicago since 2004. My name is pronounced Yoolia Teal.

(Did you know that teal is not only a color but also a small duck found in Europe and America? I'm kind of a migratory bird, too. Hence the geese)

In Germany, I worked mainly in book advertising, in Chicago mainly in pharma/healthcare.

I won a few awards in both industries.

But as you can see from my portfolio, I refuse to specialize. I like to challenge my brain to solve any creative riddle. I run my own design shop (Yoolia Design), and I freelance for ad agencies. I dabble in fabric design and photography, I write, I draw, I sew, I cook, I sing Bluegrass with heart, though slightly off key.

I am always looking for freelance opportunities. Local or remote. 

In exchange for an interesting assignment, I offer relentless enthusiasm, good humor, unwavering dedication through a project's end, and maybe... just maybe...homemade banana bread.

My resume is here (packed with links that may only work after you download the PDF).

Email me: yooliadesign@gmail.com




PS: I also possess mad shuffleboard skills. Consider yourself warned.