Packaging Design

I was fortunate enough to get a referral of large German healthcare company Fresenius Kabi, who in turn hired me (alone) to be the rebranding agency for their global line of enteral nutrition products.  In the two years that followed, I created all new logos and package designs for them. The products – intended for people who are unable to eat in a normal way, due to illness – range from drinks over soups, desserts, powders, to tube feeds, and more. The challenge consisted of finding a design that works across all different formats and 80 different languages, finding colors for some 50 flavors – differentiating by caloric content, product name, and disease state – and info graphics and icons giving nutritional information at a glance, making the design follow its most important function: providing ease of use for hospital staff, while maintaining a healthy and appetizing look for the patients. The images below represent only a  fraction of the whole production.

A couple other fun projects

Below are designs I've done for give-away bags for the Frankfurt Book Fair, and bag design for an Illinois spinach farmer – you can find it at Jewel.